Time for some fun: Creating our own space!

The past three years have been a journey of growth and innovation for us. Our collaboration with Vatom has allowed us to play a key role in the development of Vatom Spaces, which is deemed to be the leading enterprise-class metaverse platform in the world. Vatom Spaces has passed the most rigorous security, scalability, and compliance criteria of some of the largest advertising agencies, systems integrators, and brands. With its unique plug-in architecture, developers around the world have the ability to create incredible new features and integrations, and generate revenue by offering them back to the user community.

Between helping construct the platform and supporting events for major global companies, we’ve been heavily engaged. Yet, we’ve recently made the time to construct our own company space, providing our team with an opportunity to enjoy the product of their hard work and release their creativity.

Here’s a brief video showcasing our ongoing efforts. Our team’s creativity is the driving force behind each facet of our soon-to-be virtual office, which will serve as a hub for people to learn more about ydangle apps.

Our space incorporates various elements: an AI-driven NPC at reception in the entrance hall, board room, art gallery, gym, boogie lounge, chill zone and a games room with a playable console game within the 3D environment. We have a number of additions planned and will also be adding some Smart Digital Objects (one of Vatom differentiating features) that may unlock special experiences. You may also encounter Nifty, our company mascot.

Our team uses the space daily for real business engagements.

We look forward to welcoming you to the opening of our virtual engagement hub in the near future. Stay tuned.