Embarking on an AI Journey: Introducing Web Weaver

Stepping into the realm of artificial intelligence, Ydangle Apps presents its latest experiment, the Web Weaver. This unique Chrome extension is a testament to our continuous exploration in leveraging AI capabilities, merging them with the everyday internet browsing experience.


As we venture into the vast world of AI, Web Weaver serves as an exploratory tool, providing a conversational AI ally that is site-aware and enhances user interaction with the web content.

Content Summarisation

Our journey into AI development led us to discover the immense potential of content summarisation. This feature of Web Weaver, which distills page contents into a concise summary upon request, is our attempt to address information overload, a common challenge in today’s digital age.

Interacting Directly with the Web

In our AI expedition, one of our boldest experiments is Web Weaver ability to interact directly with the webpage. With this feature, you can ask the AI to make temporary visual changes to the page, adding a new layer of interactivity to your browsing experience.

Automated Actions

Web Weaver’s ability to perform automated actions, such as pausing a video after a set duration, provides a fascinating insight into how AI can work as a personal assistant within the browser. This is an area we are keen to develop and learn from as we move forward.

Embracing Imperfections

Like any good experiment, Web Weaver comes with its share of quirks and unpredictabilities. These are not so much bugs as they are stepping stones for our development team, providing crucial learning opportunities that drive our AI’s growth and capabilities.

Web Weaver is our first foray into the world of AI, a stepping-stone into what we believe is the future of web browsing. We invite you to join us on this exciting adventure, exploring and shaping the potential of AI together. You can try it here.