Partnership with BlockV

Over the past two years we have been privileged to work on an amazing project with the BlockV team. Being part of the creation of a smart digital asset platform we believe will change the way in which people, brands and other entities engage in our fast changing digital world, has been a fascinating journey.

Imagine …… being able to collect digital items from maps, websites, social media, printed media etc. and take them into the virtual world (VR) and then back into the real world and exchange them for actual goods whilst having an amazing experience along the way…. These digital goods are on blockchain, uniquely identifiable and have inherent tradable value, can change state and contain all kinds of media! Marketing campaigns will never be the same again and will truly enter the experiential economy.

Our role as ydangle has been to develop the frontend applications that support the platform, the SDK’s that developers will use to build their own apps together with proof of concept work for platforms like High Fidelity and others. Whilst the product is real and projects are being rolled out, this is but the beginning. The apps we have built use almost all of the functionality available on todays smart devices. From augmented reality, 3D, Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity and many more.

We have recently extended our partnership with BlockV and will be operating under the BlockV banner in future. As part of this we are needing to recruit the best developer talent Cape Town has to offer. At the moment we are looking for iOS, Android and HTML5/Javascript devs to join our team. If you are one of the best in these fields or if you perhaps know someone who is please get in contact with us. An exciting and challenging journey awaits successful candidates in an open, supportive and flexible work environment.

The BlockV team have some really exciting projects and clients in the pipeline. Amazing things coming… Stay tuned for more updates.