Flick. for Windows Phone released

We are excited to announce that Flick. is now available for Windows Phone.

A major, “under the hood” upgrade to all versions of Flick. have been released over the past couple of weeks, in part to accommodate our release of Flick. for Windows Phone.

We are asked why, in a world where iOS and Android mobile devices dominate, would we have any interest in developing a Windows Phone app?

There are a couple of reasons:

Firstly, Flick. provides a cross platform alternative to Apple’s Airdrop together with some additional functionality that makes the app very useful.

Secondly, under the leadership of Satya Nadella we see a lot of interesting things happening in the world of Microsoft and now feel that one needs to have a foot in the Windows Phone camp.

Thirdly , the Phone OS is not looking too shabby!

There are still a lot of loyal Windows supporters out there and we have had a number of requests to make the app available on Windows Phone.

Windows desktop has a large installed base and with the launch of Windows 10 we wanted to have a product ready for those users. We want to be the first choice in wireless file sharing applications for Windows users.

Finally, in increasingly competitive and saturated iOS and Android market places there is a chance that it may be easier to get our app noticed if it is available in a dynamically emerging market place.

Whilst Flick. was essentially developed as a wireless file sharing app, it actual use has ended up being much broader. It is heavily used in schools as both a means of sharing files with teachers and amongst pupils as well as a class facilitation tool. In business it is increasingly being used as a workspace where documents are parked for use in meetings etc. The app also provides access to cloud apps such as Drop Box and One Drive for quick and easy wireless sharing of files.

We are busy with an exciting development which will see a lot more functionality being available in Flick. Please stay tuned.

So whether you are a Mac, Windows, Android or iOS user, Flick is there for you and it’s free. Download it. It’s worth a try …  and please don’t forget to give us feedback.

A big thanks to all our supporters.

Link to the Windows Phone app